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You will never forget the taste of Elvios...

Only the finest olives are used when making Elvios. It’s a beautiful blend of both Greek quality and history. Hand picked olives from protected designation of origin (P.D.O.) regions are used to produce an extra virgin olive oil you will simply never forget. The unforgettably fruity flavour and amazing aroma make Elvios one of the finest extra virgin olive oils available today. Elvios is more than just olive oil - It’s thousands of years worth of Greek history, expertise and heritage captured in a bottle.

Over two thousand years of history captured in a bottle.

It takes great experience to produce exceptional olive oil. Elvios represents the culmination of thousands of years worth of Greek knowledge and expertise. The process has to be perfect - Attention must be paid to ensuring that the olives are grown in the best and most natural conditions possible. Harvesting must be done at precisely the right time and by hand so that the olives are not too bitter or bruised. Pressing must occur immediately after harvesting to produce the freshest possible oil. Elvios is not mass produced. Elvios is made with an obsessive focus upon perfection.

"This anti-aging superfood has head-to-toe benefits. From heart-protecting properties to healthy fats, olive oil can do wonders for your body, from the inside out."

Dr. Oz - Harvard University, Cardiac surgeon, Talk show host

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Protected Designation of Origin Quality

Elvios blends together olives from five of the finest olive growing regions in Greece. Our olive groves are situated in Crete and Messenia, overlooking the beautifully blue Mediterranean Sea. These regions benefit from Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) certification. Only the finest olive oils are produced with P.D.O. olives. Elvios is no exception.

Using Elvios

It’s hard to find a more versatile cooking ingredient than olive oil. Throughout the world, olive oil is mainly used for frying and sautéing but that is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this incredible ingredient.

Discover the health benefits of Elvios

Free Postage

Elvios extra virgin olive oil is posted to you free of charge. Our packagers pay exceptional attention to detail when handling your order. When you do receive your Elvios, it should be in perfect condition.

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Adding Elvios to your diet

You can use Elvios olive oil as:

  • An exceptionally healthy dip to accompany your side dishes
  • An alternative to butter for drizzling on top of rustic bread
  • A dressing for your salad, meat and fish based dishes
  • A natural flavour enhancer for any sauces
  • A healthy alternative to butter in cooking recipes

There are so many ways you can add Elvios olive oil into your diet. To reap the health benefits associated with consuming olive oil, we recommend consuming at least 2 tablespoons (30ml) per day.


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